Seeking an alternative to long physical waiting lines, frustrated students and unhappy staff?

Student Q One Stop Mobile Express 

A Higher Education Queue Management System with a Digital Workflow.
A One Stop Mobile Express integrates the richness of the mobile web with the speed and precision of SMS messaging, potentiating engagement through the mobile experience.    

A Student Queue Management System

What Makes Student Q the Right Choice for Higher Ed.

  • Engage students while they wait in a virtual queue.
  • A collaborative platform with a simple and intuitive user interface designed to create a seamless customer service centered journey across multiple departments.  Resulting in: 
  • 99% Student Satisfaction Rate.
  • 90% Increase in Productivity.
  • 95% Less Time Standing in line.
  • 75% Less Walk Aways

Finally, A Higher Education Queue Management System 

Student Q 3.0 is a strategic student engagement and retention solution in the age of the Digital Consumer. Students and their families expect much more now than ever before from colleges and universities, including the latest in customer service technologies. Compounding matters is the rising costs of tuition, the politics of student loan debt, coupled with a less than stellar completion rate ( 49%) has created a perfect storm for the higher education sector.
Mobile engagement is no longer and options it's a necessity.

A Mobile One Stop Express integrates the richness of the mobile web with the speed and precision of SMS messaging, potentiating engagement through the mobile experience.  
The model is designed to put the students at the center of support by removing barriers to support while increasing staff productivity by as much as 90%.
Outcome - optimizing Workflow through digital automation drives efficiencies, saving staff time while increasing throughput. 

Return on Investment

Student Q 3.0 collaborative Queue Manager user interface can accommodate up to six departments, creating an optimal student-centered customer journey across multiple using our unique digital workflow solution, resulting in an 80% increase in throughput. Plus, we are the best bang for your buck. Why pay more to get less? 

"I recommend Fulcrum Design's Student Q"

Student Q, a software service queue management application that effectively manages student flow using interactive SMS messaging and digital displays. Student Q is excellent at eliminating long physical lines with virtual waiting lines. 
I utilized Student Q at my prior institution and when my current institution was looking at reducing lines in our one-stop area, Student Q came to mind. Casper College went live with Student Q on March 25, 2018, and we have been pleased with Fulcrum Design, LLC service and support. 
I recommend Fulcrum Design's queue management services.
Shannon Eskam
Director of Student Financial Assistance

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"I recommend this product hands down!"

"To serve our students effectively, you need to be able to measure how many students you are seeing, the time per student, when is your busiest time of the semester so you can plan ahead. Also, being able to produce data helps show how productive your office really is. I love Student Q and so does my staff. It has been such a great tool for our students! We use Student Q at both our campuses and it has been a great asset to our enrollment services office." 
"I recommend this product hands down as the number 1 tool you need in your office this year!"
Kristen Gast, Director of Student Financial Aid, SOU & Past President of WYASFAA 

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